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Fuel tank Cut-off solenoid


Our fuel tank cut off solenoid is designed both to work as a stand alone safety device to prevent fuel leaks, and also in conjunction with our automated fire system. If the fire system is activated the solenoid is automatically activated and shuts closing the fuel tank preventing any fuel leaking. This system means that if the fuel hose is damaged the petrol will remain safe and secure in the tank, preventing more fuel being added to the fire.

This robust solenoid that can be retro fitted to the fuel tank and wired via the pressure sender on the fire extinguisher.

The solenoid is corrosion resistant and includes an electromagnet to remove any metallic impurities and a 20um cera mic filter that removes all the non metallic impurities, removing the need for a plastic fuel filter.

This automatic system works alongside the automatic engine bay fire extinguisher, giving peace of mind and reducing the risk of fire damaging your camper van. When the ignition is turned off the solenoid valve is closed which gives added security from fuel leaks when you van is in storage.

The solenoid runs on 12 volts and wires directly into the pressure sender for the negative charge on the engine bay fire suppression system, and is fed from the coil for the positive side.

Detailed instructions are given with the solenoid kit along with all connectors, and p clips. 

The Solenoid can also be used as a stand alone device with out the extinguisher. A hidden kill switch can be added to prevent anyone driving away with your van. 

To purchase a fuel solenoid system please visit our VW Aircooled Works Shop

Solenoid - £92.00

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