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Clean Gas Automatic Engine Bay


Fire Suppression System.

This system is designed to protect your camper van from the risk of engine bay fire. If you do have a fire it is designed to ensure that minimal damaged occurs and the fire is suppressed without damaging the engine bay.

The 'supply only' system comes with the fire extinguisher - with pressure sender, mounting bracket,

full fitting kit including, dashboard LED, full instructions on how to cut the electronic fuel pump out

and a 3 year warranty as standard. The complete kit is £265 delivered to any UK mainland address.

To purchase a system please visit our Shop page.

To arrange for an approved engineer to install your system please contact for a full quote and to book an installation date.

Full Details - Automatic Engine Bay Extinguisher System

The fire extinguisher is mounted by a one piece bracket horizontally above the engine giving 24hr protection. The head release valve is design to give 360° gas dispersion to ensure the whole engine bay is covered once activated.



The is a CE approved automated fire suppression system is temperature activated at 79°C This is a European standard temperature which all approved automatic engine bay fire systems must activate at. (It is air temperature NOT metal temperature. A standard engine bay on a hot day max 30°C). The system is designed to protect an area twice the size as a standard VW engine bay. Taking into account airflow through the engine bay.


When activated the vial melts releasing the clean gas at 240 psi, the nozzle is designed to ensure 360° dispersal. Gas will completely fill the engine bay and leak out the vents and underneath. The gas is released at -19oC so will cool down the engine bay and bring down any petrol vapours preventing any re-ignition. (Unlike Co2 extinguishers which work by removing the oxygen so have a risk of re-ignition once air is again present.)


This clean gas agent chemically reacts with the fire, it is a free radical scavenger and chemically stops the process of the fire spreading, along with cooling down the engine bay. The system is designed to protect against class B fires.


The gas is safe and certified to be used in occupied spaces. This system is a small scale version of what is currently used within oil rigs, museums, bank vaults, army vehicles, marine craft, and NASCAR along with many other places where sensitive electrical equipment or products of high value are present. The main reason why clean gas fire systems are used, is to limit any damage what may be done not only by the fire but also by any powder or foams residue.


Foam systems are not particular suited for VW camper-van's because they contain water so should not be used on electrical fires. Also foam systems are only really effective if used through a diffuser system rather than a pipe system.


Powder fire systems are effective at putting out both electrical and petrol fires, but have the major draw back that if you set one off in your engine bay the residue means its an engine out job to clean up. Also unless your powder system contains an anti corrosive agent there cause a lot of damage to the electrics.


Our clean gas system as well as being extremely effective way of putting out fires, also prevent all these issues, as there is no mess or damage caused by the extinguisher media.


Another great advantage of our automated system, is that if you do have a fire then the system will automatically cut out the fuel pump, preventing you pumping fuel into the engine bay. If you run a mechanical fuel pump then the stalling agent present in the extinguisher cylinder will cut out the fuel pump.


Our system contains a pressure switch on the cylinder head as standard. If you are running an electrical fuel pump the system can be wired up so that if activated the electronic fuel pump is automatically cut off. This has a massive advantage because upon researching fires within VW campervans we found that the majority of buses were lost because people in a panic jumped out the van and forgot to turn the key so fuel was being pumped into the engine bay. By using this simple method the electronic fuel pump is automatically turned off cutting off the fuel supply. However, it should be noted that electric pumps will still allow fuel to flow by gravity even when turned off, only way to ensure no fuel flows is to install the fuel cut-off solenoid.


All supply only kits come with a full fitting kit which allows you to use the inbuilt pressure sensor to run a dashboard LED. This LED means that you have a clear indication that the extinguisher is primed and ready to work, without requiring you to regularly check the system. A dial gauge is also visible on the extinguisher as a secondary reference. The system has a 10 year shelf life so the visual reminder makes sure you are aware the system is active.

Our system has been trialled and tested and is designed specifically for VW campervans, All our products are batch tested and certified.

For any further information, or to book an installation contact VW Aircooled works via


Deluxe Audible Alarm.

An optional upgrade to a 52mm deluxe VDO style alarm is also available. The alarm comes with a standard fitting kit and a durite bracket. It will also fit within a normal 52mm pod system. If an engine bay fire occurs the audible alarm will activate the, alerting both passengers and passers by. The alarm comes with a test button for periodic checking.

Please see our shop page to purchase the fire system with this optional upgrade.

Barndoor Splitscreenvans 1949 - 1955 - £330

For all those people lucky enough to own a pre '55 barndoor van, then we have a fire suppression system specifically designed for you. The internal volume of the barndoor engine bay is significantly larger (~0.85m3) than a normal splitscreen or bay engine bay. To ensure the effectiveness of the extinguisher VW Aircooled works offers a larger barndoor fire suppression system dimensions 8cm x 32cm. The system is designed to protect an area of 1.4m3, so more than suitable for a barndoor engine bay area. The system is still compact and sits nicely above or to the side of the engine, depending upon the engine bay design and if you have a spare tyre located above the engine.

Purchase a 'supply only' barndoor engine bay fire suppression system for price of £330 delivered to UK mainland. The barndoor package includes the larger cylinder, brackets, fitting kit, two dashboard LED's, full instructions and a 3 year warranty.

The barndoor systems are filled to order so please allow 5 -7 working days for delivery. Please feel free to contact us before ordering so we can give a accurate dispatch date.


For any further information, book an installation or to purchase a ' supply only' system please contact VW Aircooled works via

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