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A lovely write up about one of our customers vehicles in November issue of Camper & Bus. This complete restoration was carried out with the aim of the pick up being used and driven all year round for work, while still retaining the original look and history. There are some pictures in our slide show of the state this bus was in when we first found her.


Along with this we were also really pleased to see Davids van in Classic Car Weekly. It's great to read about all the trips he has been on, and nice to know after all the years of problems it is now running brilliantly and being driven loads. 

So a massive thank you to all our customers, for all the great publicity, and for the updates on their vehicles after they leave our workshop.

VW Campervan specialist workshop.

Based in Lincolnshire VW Aircooled Works is a VW classic car specialist. VW Aircooled works offers a wide range of services for aircooled vehicles including, general maintenance, servicing, welding, MOT preparation, part or full restoration.

VW Aircooled works are proud to supply our automatic clean gas engine bay fire suppression system, designed for VW camper vans, we also offer a fully certified installation service. VW Aircooled works is passionate about protecting and maintaining our camper-vans on the road and we are promoting and encouraging people to think about safety issues. Our range of fire extinguishers, fuel tank cut off solenoids and ' fit and forget' fuel hoses are tailored with the sole intention of keeping our VW's as safe as possible. All products are available on our shop page.

For more information check out our website or come and have a chat with us at one of the shows, or visit us on Facebook

Our passion is your passion, anything VW Aircooled we would be pleased to quote for service or repairs.

We offer a truly high quality professional service which is also good value for money. To see the work we carry out please visit our Facebook page which is regular updated with ongoing work.

Contact Details.

Our workshop is open Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm, and Saturday by appointment only.

Peter Shaw

Email -

Phone - 07521 409178


VW Aircooled Works

110 Bicker Road



PE11 4XR

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